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1 Nov

4 Things to ask yourself when you think you’ve found ‘the one’ (Your first home)

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You’ve been looking for houses, trying to find the perfect first home for yourself and maybe a partner, but how do you know if it is the right house for you and the right purchase for your future? These 4 questions will allow you to analyze your purchase before you make the offer!


List of home items

  1. Top 3’s – keep & compromise

Before looking at homes, create a list of 3 things that are most important to have in your first home. Maybe a dishwasher because you despise doing dishes, or 2 bathrooms because your partner hogs the one you share. Keep this list with you for every house you see and weigh each thing on the list when you think you’ve found ‘the one’. It that may only have 1/3 things, or 2/3 things on the list but, ask your self “How important is it to really have 2 bathrooms? Is it something that could be added/built on later?”



Location of Home


  1. Location

Location is a key factor when purchasing, there are many things to consider and ask yourself when looking in a specific location. Have you lived in the area before? (do you know what the town/street is like?) Is it in a nice neighbourhood? Or, is it out in the country? Have you considered the distance from the house is to your work or to a nearby town? Close to schools for children? What will the driving conditions be in the winter? (after all, we do live in Canada).


Sivze of your home

  1. Size

Size really depends on what your future plans and current needs. Do you enjoy having dinner parties and encourage guests to stay? Planning on having a big family? Will 2 bedrooms be enough for the next 3-5 years? Is there enough storage room for your belongings?


Reselling your Home

  1. Resell ability

If you’re purchasing your first home, it’s likely not going to be your forever home. Let’s say you own this home now, in 5 years you want to sell, are you going to be able to sell this home for the more than you paid for it? The same amount? How long will it be on the market? Is it a unique home that many people may not be interested in?  Will the area it is in be in high demand in the future? Close to the city?

When you are looking to buy, take time to consider each category above. Ask yourself different questions that come from these ‘categories’ it may help make your decision not only easier, but help you stay clear of buying a home that is so unique, that selling in the future may be difficult.